Yuri says goodbye to José José singing “Sad” better than Maluma?

José José

Yuri says goodbye to José José

It’s only been a few hours since half of José José’s ashes arrived in the Mexican capital, and in the midst of the tribute that the Aztec country is paying to one of his greatest idols, singer Yuri wanted to join in a very special way to the tribute.

The Veracruz woman, who had a close friendship with the Prince of the song, went to her social networks to dedicate some beautiful words to the artist, and incidentally showed the interpretation that made the most emblematic theme of the Mexican.

Yuri posted on her Instagram a video singing “Sad”, as the best way to honor the interpreter, who died in Florida 11 days ago, after losing the battle against a fierce pancreatic cancer that had plagued him for a couple of years.

“Friend: your Mexico dismisses you with the honors, as you deserve and I, as I know how to do it: singing. We will never forget you, ”was the phrase with which the interpreter accompanied the video, which immediately generated all kinds of comments.

Yuri decided to sing the famous song that José José made known in 1970 at the Latin Song Festival and that a few days ago Maluma also played, who was heavily attacked on social networks for “having dared” to sing the anthem of the Mexican.

But unlike the Colombian, the interpretation of the Mexican, who had the endorsement and praise of José José himself, received hundreds of applause and positive comments on social networks.

“She can sing that song, because she has a good voice, not like Maluma”, “this version of El Triste liked José José”, “that pretty Yuri honoring her friend with her great theme”, were some of the messages which generated the publication of the Mexican.

Yuri made her tribute just when Mexico is paying tribute to José José, in an environment of discomfort and indignation with some members of the interpreter’s family, for the decision to cream the body and divide the ashes into two parts.

One part, which is being veiled in Fine Arts, arrived in Mexico this Wednesday morning, and they will be buried in the Aztec country, and the other part will be buried in Miami.

Although the ashes take up little space, they arrived in the Aztec capital very early inside the expensive 24-carat gold-plated coffin, where his body rested in Miami, something that has impacted many more.

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