World Family Day: make strong relations with family support understand the importance of relationships

World Family Day

World Family Day: make strong relations with family support understand the importance of relationships

World Family Day

World Family Day: Moradabad. The family does not become living with some people. There is a strong bond of relationships, there are unbreakable bonds of cooperation. The promises and intentions of each other are safety. Maintaining the dignity of the relationship In our culture, family unity has always been emphasized in tradition.

Junk family is going to end

Now the joint family is ending. The child wants to stay apart and stay separate. Parents also send children to live with the family in Pardes. The main reason for this is lack of materialism and rigidity. World Family Day is on Wednesday. The joint family has reached the end of the family. To save the joint family, World Family Day is being celebrated on 15th May 1994. Children grow up and want to be alone. Parents send children after work and after marriage, they live in a house with a family. Parents also do not want to be with him while watching children’s facilities. The result of which is not well. Due to being alone, the family and society cannot be associated with it. Due to the lack of meeting with the elders, the rituals are constantly being eliminated, resulting in the situation of society and scarcity. The family is starting to break.


Junk family will get education education

Husband and wife feel that by staying in a single family, they will be able to raise the children well and provide good education, which is not wrong in many ways. Staying in a joint family can provide good education along with rituals and raising children. The result of a single family is that children are involved in unethical activities, being sexually aggressive, misinterpretation of love, waste time on things like mobile rather than teaching in school, and do not believe in parental reasons…


expert opinion

With the birth of the baby, the seeds of the single family are sown. The mother starts feeding the baby with the bottle instead of breastfeeding, since then the distance from the parents starts coming in the infant. When the child is older, the burden of studies is imposed. Due to studies, children can spend less time with their parents. Some children send out after class seven and after reading something after class ten or some intermediate. As he grows he also moves towards a single family. The baby should be born like this from birth, which would grow up and stay in the joint family.


Dr. Rajendra Kumar, Senior Pediatrician and Medical Superintendent, District Hospital  

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