Whenever he went to the room he would hear the voice of the ghost, then there was a big disclosure ..



Drew asked Maddy not to call the police because he would not harm Maddy

Maddy, who was studying at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, was shocked. She told WFMY TV that her clothes disappeared suddenly in a mysterious way. Maddy told many local TV channels that she had also seen hand marks on the walls of her bathroom and the marks were not her own. Madi believed that there was a ghost in his house.

On Saturday, the Greensboro Police told that Maddy had faced this ghost. In fact, when Maddy opened the door of her closet, she realized that there was someone who was giving voice. Later it was discovered that whatever the ghost is thinking is a person. The name of this person, who is hidden in Madi’s house, is a drook.

Drew told Maddy that he did not call the police because he would not harm Maddy. Drew was wearing Madi’s clothes and socks. After that Maddy called her boyfriend for a call because she was scared.

Madi told that the stranger was thinking of him as a ghost and whenever he went to his room he was confused about being a bad soul, so he also made the intention of emptying his apartment but later found out that An unknown man in the house who was hiding was not a ghost Maddy also said that she had signed contracts for a new apartment.


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