WhatsApp users alerted! Instantly update your app read detail


There is a drawback about security in WhatsApp. This could cause hackers to remotely touch a phone. This information is given by Whatsapp. Although this defect has been removed and users have been instructed to update their Whatsapp app.


This was first reported by the Financial Times. This crackdown in Whatsapp allowed hackers to call a user and insert malicious software on his phone. His phone’s camera and mic could be hacked and users could be traced from emails to message and location data. 


Who is behind it

The report of the Financial Times said that this Spyware developed by an Israeli NSAID Group suspects. This group is accused of helping the detectives of the Middle East from Mexico to spy on the activists and journalists of governments.


At the beginning of this month, only the weakness was detected.

The discovery was detected at the beginning of this month and since then Whatsapp was trying to fix it. A spokeswoman for WhatsApp assays that we ask users to upgrade the app from the latest version and keep the mobile operating system up to date so that potential breaks can be avoided.


However, it was not disclosed by the company how many users have been affected due to this deficiency or how many were targeted. The company also informed the US authorities about this.


A Human Rights Lawyer’s Phone Broke

According to a tweet from a research group of the University of Citizen Lab, University of Toronto, it is believed that an attacker tried to break into the phone of an advocate of human rights, but WhatsAppSp blocked him.


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