Tazeen Ahmad dies: how did the NBC reporter die?

Tazeen Ahmad dies

Tazeen Ahmad dies

Tazeen Ahmad Dies

Tazeen Ahmad dies: Tazeen Ahmad is the former NBC News and BBC reporter who died at age 48 on November 6. The cause of Ahmad’s death has not been made public.

The journalist’s death was confirmed in a heartbreaking   Facebook post  of her niece that was posted on November 7, 2019. Nida Hassan wrote in her post that, in addition to all her aunt’s professional achievements, Ahmad was “a caring mother for two of the smartest and friendliest guys I know and a couple of cats. ”

Hassan wrote that, “It is very difficult for me to say” was “instead of” is “here, a reflection of how difficult it is to accept that She is no longer here with us.” Hassan’s publication concludes with the words: “That we all know women like her, and have the opportunity to learn from them, and love them.”

Ahmad worked for the BBC, NBC News and the famous “Dispatches” program on Channel 4

“A pleasure to share ideas about emotional intelligence with @bauermedia today #eq #emotionalintelligence.”

On her LinkedIn page, Ahmad described herself as a “broadcaster, writer, emotional intelligence consultant.” According to that page, Ahamd says She worked for the BBC as a reporter, presenter and senior producer. From there, Ahmad went to work as a foreign correspondent based in London for NBC News for three years. Since August 2006, Ahmad worked as a presenter and reporter in one of England’s leading research programs, “Dispatches.”

Ahmad wrote a book about her experiences working in a supermarket in 2009

Ahmad has won the Asian Media Awards and the Royal Television Society. Ahmad has also been nominated for the BAFTA awards. Ahmad said about jurors for the Royal Television Society and BAFTA. In 2009, Ahmad published her first and only book, “The Checkout Girl.” The book saw Ahmad tell his time working secretly in a supermarket for six months during the recession. Ahmad was the sponsor of two charities, Mosac and Woman’s Trust. Ahmad also founded his own educational program, “The Story Project.”

“We are deeply saddened to hear about the death of Tazeen Ahmad. Tazeen was one of the most talented journalists of her generation and during his life he made an incredible impression on everyone who knew her. Our deepest condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues. ”

Ahmad described herself as a “committed life-long introvert”

“Charming, bright, out of this talented world. Thank you for a lovely night. ”

In a BBC documentary in May 2014, Ahmad said she was an “introvert committed for life.”

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Ahmad was also the founder of   EQ Matters,   an emotional intelligence consulting business that “has helped hundreds of top leaders, teams and executives succeed in pressurized, driven and creative environments,” according to the company’s website. . Ahmad founded the company in January 2016.

One of Ahmad’s most controversial documentaries was “When Cousins ​​Marry” of 2010

VideoVideo related to Tazeen Ahmad dies: what did the NBC reporter die of?2019-11-07T14: 29: 01-05: 00

Among the most controversial and taboo topics that Ahmad covered in a documentary was “When Cousins ​​Marry” of 2010. The documentary dealt with the issue of incest in the Pakistani community in the United Kingdom. Ahmad herself was of Pakistani descent. In the documentary, she said that more than half of Pakistanis living in the UK marry a cousin brother.

In the period before the documentary was released, Ahmad wrote in the Daily Mail that her grandparents had been first cousins. That resulted in her grandmother suffering multiple miscarriages and having three deaf uncles. Ahmad said her mother and siblings had gathered before they had children, to make sure the incest stopped in her family.

A review of the New Statesman documentary said: “Ahmad’s film was exemplary journalism, clairvoyant, without prejudice, silently bewildered. In an era of celebrities and exaggerations, she delivered: can you believe it? – An appropriate story. Rest in peace.

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