Miguel Cervantes, star of “Hamilton” 3-year-old daughter dies

Miguel Cervantes

Miguel Cervantes, star of Hamilton 3-year-old daughter dies

Adelaide Cervantes, 3, daughter of Miguel and Kelly Cervantes, died Saturday morning, her mother announced on Twitter Sunday night.

Adelaide suffered from a neurodegenerative disorder and was under palliative care for the past few days.

Miguel Cervantes played the title role in the production of “Hamilton” in Chicago throughout his performance and should still do so by January, although he should take a short break from the role; his regular studies, Robert Ariza and Kameron Richardson, will play the role in his absence. Both partners went public with their struggles for their daughter’s health, with Kelly Cervantes running a blog and parents shaking for better care for childhood epilepsy patients.

“The machines are off. The bed is empty. The silence is deafening, ”wrote Kelly Cervantes on Sunday. “She went peacefully in my arms, surrounded by love.”

The company “Hamilton” said this was a private matter for the Cervantes and would not make any statements.

But in a tweet on Monday morning, Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda urged his followers to keep the grieving couple “in their hearts today.”

“Unimaginable,” he wrote.

Miguel Cervantes will now not appear in Monday night’s reading of “A Giant Leap: The Apollo Moon Landing” at the Broadway Playhouse, a Tribune-sponsored event. Your role will be played by Kate Collins.

On Monday, Cervantes thanked his followers on Twitter. “We are comforted knowing that there are so many people sending positive vibes,” he said. “We’re seeing all this.”

Over the few years of life in Adelaide, Kelly documented the ravages of her disease through his popular blog Inchstones, with whom he worked with the organization Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy, which raises funds for research A cure for the devastating disease.

According to the portal, the little girl was only 7 months old when she experienced her first seizure, which concluded in an imminent diagnosis of epilepsy. A couple of months later doctors diagnosed that Adelaide suffered from childhood spasms, at the young age of 9 months.

he girl’s mother confessed to the magazine that her daughter had really fought like nobody else.

“She is a warrior. I have never met someone stronger in my life. She came into the world and had a mission and a story. I am so proud that no one will ever forget her story,” Cervantes’ wife said.

The actor and his wife are also parents of Jackson, Adelaide’s older brother, who, as his family says, was a source of energy for the life of his little sister.

Miguel will take a brief break from his main role in the Hamilton production of Chicago. However, he plans to return to the stage as soon as possible, as People reported.

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