Jorge Masvidal vs. Nate Diaz: Who won the fight?

Jorge Masvidal vs. Nate Diaz

Jorge Masvidal vs. Nate Diaz

Although there was only one BMF title at stake, Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz demonstrated why they are the toughest of the Octagon at UFC 244, with the fight they staged on Saturday, November 2 at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Jorge Masvidal was solid with his boxing and kicks, so much so that after a combination and a high kick he opened his eyebrow at his rival. Nate wanted to take the fight to the ground, but “Gamebred” continued with his plan in the striking (foot fight).

Although former Exatlón United States participant, Masvidal was in greater control, both were hard in the third round after a brutal exchange of blows. However, after that assault, the doctor went to review Nate Diaz’s cut and as a precaution asked the referee to stop the fight.

In this way, Jorge Masvidal won the BMF title (Most Heavy Fighter ) and had the honor of being crowned by The Rock. “Without a doubt, we wanted to give a great show and it is a pity that the fight ends like this, but I hope to have this problem again, we will do it again,” he said.

“The only strategy was to get it out as quickly as possible, but it is a pity that it ended like this, we both wanted to finish the fight well,” Masvidal added. For his part, Diaz was dissatisfied with the way the fight ended.

“This cut comes from the previous fight, I had some problems, but my strategy was to go and hit him. I’ll be back for that belt, ”said Nate Diaz.

Diaz, 34, returned to action in August after a break of almost three years a few months ago, defeating  Anthony Pettis  by unanimous decision at UFC 241. In his most recent fight, Masvidal, also 34, knocked out  Ben Askren  in five seconds – a UFC record for the fastest KO – in July.

Before this fight,  ESPN, asked  a respected coach to shred Masvidal anonymously and then placed what the fighter thought to his report. You can read part of it below.

Trainer on Masvidal: Masvidal’s greatest strength is his momentum. He has had a great career, but recently, these great victories (2019 wins over Askren and  Darren Till ) have given him a little boost.

Masvidal:  Damn it, it’s true. The movement cancels the pain, and the impulse is movement. I’m ready to take what’s mine, man. That is the BMF belt. At all costs.

Coach:  Now, this is where I think it has a great advantage over Nate: he is athletic and can change his position very well.

Masvidal:  I’m more athletic than most of the [UFC] list, not just Nate. I am one of the most athletic types on the list. It is no coincidence that I am also the fastest type in the UFC universe. I am a superhero, man. I’m not good at dribbling and catching balls, but when it comes to fighting, I have that physical condition.

Coach:  as a versatile puncher, Masvidal is a little better, with more options, which could give Nate difficulties.

Masvidal: This is only math. It is not an opinion. You can look it up. I have a good amount of knockouts in all areas. I have KOs with my elbow. I have KOs for body shots. When it comes to using all the limbs of the body, I give myself the advantage.

Coach:  That said, although Jorge’s fight is better than Nate’s, Nate’s jujitsu is better than Jorge’s.

Masvidal:  Nate is 10 times better than me in jiu-jitsu. But I can defeat anyone in my division. It is not because my fight is the Olympic level. It is in my hands. Before you know it, I’m under my leg and I lift them. And once you’re in the air, it doesn’t matter who you are. I will turn your back on you and I have the advantage of wrestling.

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