Brooke Mueller has a rehab who will look after her and charlie sheen’s children

Brooke Mueller has a rehab who will look after her and charlie sheen's children

Brooke Mueller has a rehab who will look after her and charlie sheen's children

He has been struggling with addiction for years …

Her fight against addictions has been reported for years by world media. Unfortunately, there has recently been news that Brooke Mueller, ex-wife of Charlie Sheen, cannot cope with addiction again. However, she decided to fight for herself and volunteered for professional therapy. In this difficult time, her children must be looked after by their loved ones … Will the actress manage to win this difficult fight?

Brooke Mueller loses with addiction – she volunteered for therapy

According to reports from foreign media, in July this year Brooke Mueller was caught in Hamptons, located in the eastern part of Long Island, New York, when she was in possession of intoxicants. This information was provided, among others Fox News. The 41-year-old actress took water in her mouth and did not want to comment on anything.

Unfortunately, everything seems to indicate that the reports were true. People magazine claims that due to a very bad personal situation, Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife was forced to take advantage of professional care and went to therapy for addicts …

“Brooke appeared at the East Coast resort and is under the care of professionals,” reveals a close acquaintance of the actress.

Grandparents must look after the Brooke Mueller children

This, in turn, means that two son Brooke Mueller, Max and Bob, had to be put under the care of other family members, in this case, the parents of the actress.

“Brooke will spend a few weeks at the resort and is getting better and better. The twins are doing well and live with their grandparents at the moment, “says People.

However, this is not an unusual situation for Max and Bob. They spend a lot of time with their parents, mainly when Mueller goes to the set.

“The boys live with Brooke in Beverly Hills. When she leaves, her mother and her husband’s mother take care of them, ”says friend Mueller.

The boys’ father is also supposed to help. Charlie Sheen seems to see them regularly. It is true that the couple divorced in the atmosphere of the scandal in 2011 (the actor was accused by his wife two years earlier of using physical and psychological violence), but over time their relations have improved …

Will Brooke Mueller stand up?  

Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen, 2007:

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Brooke Mueller with sons, 2010:

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