They arrest 106 pedophiles who were part of the network of child pornography in Brazil

child pornography

They arrest 106 pedophiles who were part of the network of child pornography in Brazil

In a joint effort between the United States and the Ministry of Justice of Brazil, this hard blow against child pornography was achieved.


In Brazil, more than a hundred people were arrested on Thursday involved in a network of child pornography on the Internet, in an operation that involved the collaboration of the Embassy of the United States, the Ministry of Justice, headed by former judge Sergio Moro.


“Up to now there have been more than 106 prisons,” said the Justice Ministry, which deployed more than 1,500 police officers throughout Brazil to execute “266 warrants for the capture and seizure of files containing contents related to sexual exploitation crimes .” 


The Operation Light Childhood held its fourth nationwide deployment as part of an action of the Ministry of Justice in collaboration with the Embassy of the United States, by train soldiers to carry out investigations.


“Parents always say, do not talk to strangers on the street, but they forget to give that guidance to their children for the Internet, so abusers find easy terrain on the Internet through social networks, the web, and messaging applications. to co-opt children, “Alexandro Barreto, part of the team that coordinated the deployment from Brasilia, told reporters.


Since the first phase of this operation in October 2017, the authorities have managed to capture 511 people, some of them in Argentina.


In Brazil, the law establishes that storing child pornography is paid with imprisonment of 1 to 4 years, for publishing from 3 to 6 years and for producing content linked to sexual exploitation, from 4 to 8 years, the ministry explained.


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