Shraddha kapoor first look from saaho out teaser date announced

Shraddha kapoor first look from saaho out teaser date announced

Shraddha kapoor first look from saaho out teaser date announced


Shraddha Kapoor’s first look has been released from the year 2019’s mach animated film Saaho. With this, the teaser date of the film has also been announced. Know when will Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor’s film teaser …

Mumbai. Bahubali star Prabhas’s upcoming movie Saho’s Fans is waiting for a long time. The film will be released on the occasion of Independence Day on August 15. In the film, Prabhas will have Shraddha Kapoor Lead Acto. Shraddha Kapoor’s first look has come out from the movie.

Prabhas shared photos of Shraddha Kapoor’s first look on social media. Shraddha Kapoor is seen in the red color jacket in the photo. guns in the hands of Shraddha Kapoor. Shraddha Kapoor’s hair is open in the poster. The posters are being convinced that Shraddha Kapoor may be in the role of the coop. 

With the first look of Shraddha Kapoor, he has announced the teaser date of Sahara. Saho’s Teaser will be released on June 13. It is worth mentioning that during the release of Bahubali in the year 2017, a teaser of the film was released. 

It was such that
the makers of Prabhas Kaluk  Saho had earlier issued two posters of Prabhas. Prabhas is seen in the first poster in the intense look. Prabhas is wearing glasses of a round shape. Apart from this, the beard of Prabhas has also increased. According to reports, Prabhas can be seen in the role of a policeman. 

In the second poster of Saho, Prabhas is running a Bluetooth headset and sunglasses bike in a leather biker jacket. The car is moving on the back side. Prabhas gave a caption with the photo, ‘Hi Darling, My second movie poster of Saha’s movie has arrived.’ 

If the film’s budget is estimated to be worth Rs 300 crores 
, then the spy thriller film is being made from 300 crores. Some time ago an action sequence of the film was filmed in Abu Dhabi. The cost of filming this scene was worth 90 crores rupees. 

Prabhas was seen walking bike in the scene. The makers spent 30 crores on the film’s interval sequence. There is no doubt that the film will be suppressed. This movie is directed by Sujit. The film will be released in Telugu and Tamil besides Hindi.   


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