Shahrukh said such a thing about working in DHOOM 4 …


Shahrukh said such thing about working in DHOOM 4 ...


DHOOM 4: Mumbai: Superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s fans are disappointed after the failure of his last few films but the actor has said that he is working on the next film and hopes to be a ‘hit film’.

After the failure of the film ‘Zero’ last year, the 53-year-old Bollywood actor has not yet revealed any details about his next film.

Speaking to fans on Twitter, Shah Rukh said that he is working on some scripts. On the question of when his next film will come, Shah Rukh said that when he gets the right story, then he will bring the film.

What kind of film is Shahrukh working on? On this question, Shah Rukh said in his well-known spot response, ‘Probably a hit film’.

On rumors of working in the next part of the action film ‘Dhoom’, the actor responded in a funny way that ‘I have heard you too, tell me if you get some more news’.

Shahrukh assured fans that he would soon complete his book, which he has been writing for many years.


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