Sensex slips 435 points in two days after budget

Sensex slips 435 points in two days after budget

Sensex slips 435 points in two days after budget

Sensex slips Mumbai, 08 July. The effect of the provisions made in the General Budget for the financial year 2019-20 appeared only on the first day of the trading week in the stock exchange. At the beginning of the trading on Monday, the Sensex has seen an increase of 1.75 lakh crore rupees. In the last two days, the market capitalization of the stock market has decreased by Rs 3.98 lakh crore. On the first day of the second trading week of July, the Indian stock market dropped to the red mark with a decline of 435.54 points on Monday. NSE is also trading with a huge drop of 122.40 points. On Friday, the Sensex of the stock market dropped 395 points and NSE 86.95 points.


3.98 crores lost in two days

Since the central budget was introduced on Friday, the market’s investors’ mood has changed since. The Indian stock market did not have the first budget of the second term of the Modi government. Sensex and Nifty started declining as a result of the budget. The market capitalization of the Sensex has declined to Rs 1,49,60,285.28 crore on Monday, as against the market capitalization of Sensex on Friday, as against a loss of Rs 2.23 lakh crore in the market on Friday. On Monday, the market had suffered a loss of 1.75 lakh crore on the first day.


Nifty-Sensex slips 1%

At the moment, the Nifty -122.40 points or -1.04 per cent slipped to 11,688.75 points and the Sensex slipped 435.54 points or 1.10 per cent to 39,077.85 points. S & P BSE 100 index -119.35 points, or -1.00 percent, slipped by 11,806.67 points, the S & P BSE Mid-cap index of -145.70 points or -0.99 percent, at 14,579.95, the S & P BSE Smallcap Index -195.18 points -1.38 percent slipping to 13,946.65 and S & P BSE-200 index -50.81 points or -1.03 percent, is trading at 4,878.80 points.


Sensex-Nifty Most Companies Red

In the Sensex, 431 companies are in the green mark, while 1,339 shares have gone in red mark. There is a buy in the shares of five companies of the BSE 30 Index, while the sale of 25 companies is dominated by the sale. 57 companies of A-group are in green mark and 396 companies are operating in red mark. B Group’s 142 companies are in green mark and 643 companies are trading in red mark. Of the 2081 companies registered on NSE 50, 313 companies are trading in green mark and 1326 companies are trading in red marks. There is no change in the shares of NSE’s 442 companies.

Capital goods rolled 2.77 percent

The biggest drop in the S & P BSE Capital Goods of the stock market has been recorded. The index is trending with the fall of -2.77 percent, while the S & P BSE Industrial Index is also trading at -2.26 percent, the S & P BSE Auto Index -2.24 percent and the S & P BSE Realty Index -2.10 percent are trading with a huge decline. . Apart from this, S & P BSE Consumer Discretionary Goods and Services Index is up by -1.84%, S & P BSE Consumer Durables Index-1.44%, S & P BSE Power Index-1.39%, S & P BSE Bank Index-1.37%, S & P BSE Financial Sector -1.26% , S & P BSE Energy Sector -1.18% and S & P BSE Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector – with a decline of 0.09% Are.

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