Robert Forster dies: How did the Breaking Bad actor die ?

Robert Forster dies

Robert Forster dies: How did the Breaking Bad actor die ?

Robert Forster Dies

Robert Forster dies: American actor Robert Forster, who was nominated for an Oscar for the best supporting actor by  Jackie Brown: Triple Betrayal (1997), died this Friday, October 11, 2019, at his home in the city of Los Angeles, his publicist reported to specialized media The Hollywood Reporter . 

Forster was 78 years old and had been affected by brain cancer for a while, despite which he continued to work.

In fact, the histrion appears in The Way: a Breaking Bad movie, which premiered on the same day of his death on the Netflix platform and in which he repeated the role of Ed, who had already played in the acclaimed series about a teacher of chemistry that dumped his knowledge for drug trafficking.

It is not clear if he had finished shooting the episode Dynoman and the Volt, from the remake of the TV series  Amazing Stories.

Born in New York on July 13, 1941, he acted in musicals while attending Rochester, Madison University. He served in more than a hundred movies. Forster managed to get the attention of the legendary director, screenwriter and actor John Houston, who chose him for the film  Reflections in your golden eyes  (1967), where he acted alongside Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor.

Although he had a long career with almost 200 roles between film and television, perhaps one of the most important roles that Max Cherry has played in  Jackie Brown, the third film as director of Quentin Tarantino. For his performance in that film led by Pam Grier, Samuel L. Jackson, and Robert De Niro, Forster managed to be nominated for an Oscar as a best-supporting actor, although the statuette was finally left to Robin Williams for In Search of Destiny.


He had also worked on David Lynch’s Twin Peaks series  (he was Sheriff Frank Truman), and in his film  Mulholland Drive.

The veteran actor remained active in making movies and television series. Among his favorites were the Banyon series and the films Alligator and American Perfekt. Other notable projects include The Descendants, Firewall, Me, Myself and Irene, the return of Twin Peaks and what They Had had last year. Forster also recently played Tim Allen’s father in Last Man Standing, a part he loved because the series was a comedy, a new genre for him.

Forster’s career had a second stir when Quentin Tarantino recalled his excellent initial work and that of Pam Grier and combined them in Jackie Brown, Tarantino’s adaptation of the Elmore novel Leonard Rum Punch.

Forster completed three additional projects in 2019: The Way: A Breaking Bad Movie, Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories, and Werewolf.

He is survived by his children: Bobby, Elizabeth, Kate, and Meghan; her grandchildren: Tess, Liam, Jack and Olivia; and longtime partner, Denise Grayson.

The details of a memorial service have not yet been announced. Rest in peace.

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