PAK amid kashmir tensions pakistan test fired ballistic missile ghaznavi today

PAK amid kashmir tensions pakistan test fired ballistic missile ghaznavi today

PAK amid kashmir tensions pakistan test fired ballistic missile ghaznavi today

Islamabad, agency. There have been tensions between India and Pakistan since Article 370 was removed. Pakistan tried at every stage but its nefarious plans failed. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is facing only desperation and despair over Kashmir. In such a situation, Pakistan is giving the boast of nuclear war. Amidst these conditions, Pakistan today successfully test-fired its ballistic missile Ghaznvi. Pakistan Army spokesman Major General Asif Ghafoor has given information about this by tweeting.

Ghaznavi missile test

The range of Ghaznavi missile is being told to be 300 km. It is a surface-to-surface missile. Pakistan already has a Ghaznavi or Hatf-3 missile capable of hitting from 290 to 320 kilometers from the surface to surface. This missile is capable of carrying 700 kg of explosives. In such a situation, testing another missile with a range of 300 km is just a way to increase the tension in the area. It is considered as an attempt to convey the message of stress to the world.

On naval alert,
Pakistan has put its navy on high alert for airspace off Gajavani missile test. Along with this, three air routes (airspace) of Karachi were also closed on Wednesday. Pakistan had announced the closure of three airspaces for four days (28 to 31 August) on 28 August.

‘Gidarbhki’ on Imran’s nuclear war,
Pakistan is constantly giving the gossip of war with India. Pakistani PM Imran Khan had warned India of nuclear war. Imran Khan has said this on not one but several occasions. On all these occasions, Imran Khan has indicated nuclear war with India, be it the address of the people of Pakistan or his interview to the American newspaper New York Times.

only Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, but many of his ministers, who have threatened India on the prophetic war on Indo-Pak war, have also raised the tone of the war. The big statement has come. While declaring the time of war, Sheikh Rashid has said that there is a possibility of war in October or November this year. Let me tell you that this is the same Sheikh Rashid who was recently beaten with shoes and eggs were thrown at him in London for making false statements against India.

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