New feature for video playback on Instagram

New feature for video playback on Instagram

New feature for video playback on Instagram

Instagram is about to include the function you’ve been waiting for years


Are you an Instagram addict? Do you spend hours reviewing thousands of publications? Then surely you have run into the problem of reviewing a video in full. The social network interface does not show any timeline in the videos with which to stop or select a specific second, but everything would be about to change.


The new feature for video playback on Instagram


New Instagram function


As you can see some users, the social network of photos with filters and stories is testing a new feature that will allow us to go back in a video publication. It’s something that users had asked for a long time, since, until now, they had to play the whole video again to see a specific moment of it.

If any of the publications had caught your attention and you wanted to check exactly what the influencer on duty had said or what ingredient they had put at a certain moment in the video recipe you were watching, now you can navigate comfortably at that precise moment without having to go back to watch the video in full. It is something that sounds extremely basic and absurd, but at this point, Instagram did not offer in the interface of its official application.

The playback bar comes in the videos

Although it was already available in the Instagram TV videos (IGTV), neither the traditional publications in the form of a video nor the stories had the famous reproduction bar, an indispensable element when it comes to consuming videos. The bad news is that for now it is a function that is in the testing period, and only some users are able to start using it. So yes, you will be able to see how it works but you will not be able to use it (for now).

As you can see in the Twitter post of the user wongmjane, the playback bar will appear in the upper area of the video, and if we click on it, a playback indicator will appear that we can move until the moment of the video we want. All a technological innovation that comes in full 2019. Why has it taken so much Instagram to offer it?

Hopefully, at least with the video, you have also learned that you can not use a blender and record with your mobile at the same time.

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