Ness Wadia arrested in Japan, worried about KXIP in IPL

Ness Wadia arrested

Ness Wadia arrested in Japan, worried about KXIP in IPL

Ness Wadia Arrested in Japan

Ness Wadia arrested in Japan: New Delhi:  Ness Wadia (47), co-owner of Business XI Punjab team and IPL team Kings XI Punjab, has recently been sentenced to two years in Japan for possessing drugs. Wadia was sentenced by the court of Sapporo District of Japan. This sentence will remain suspended for five years. Meanwhile, if Wadia does some other illegal work in Japan then she will be sent to jail. 


Statement on Wadia forced the Board of Control of India (BCCI) to consider its cancellation on Tuesday. Further action is necessary, to know the matter, the Cricket Board’s Lokpal mentioned the matter. According to media reports, Wadia was found guilty on March 20 and spent an unknown period in custody before the court hearing. They were arrested at the New Chitose Airport of the island of Hokkaido, North Japan. 


It was said in the report that Wadia went to Japan to visit Nissco city in Hokkaido – which is a popular place for skiers across Asia. Wadia Group spokesman said on Tuesday that Ness has returned to India. The spokesman said in his statement, “The decision is clear. This is a suspended sentence. Therefore there is no reason or effect to withdraw from any responsibility of Ness Wadia. Those groups and those who are playing their role outside will continue. ‘


Kings XI Punjab’s Trouble


Know that Niss Wadia had 25-gram cannabis seized, accepting that he said that it was kept for personal use. This can have a bad effect on the IPL franchise Kings XI Punjab. According to the operating rules of the IPL, no team officer caught in this kind of action, which would insult the team, the league, the BCCI or the game. If he is found guilty then the team can be suspended. 


This case will be examined by the first commission. After this, the commission will send it to the Lokpal. Know that Chennai Supercans had to suffer suspension due to Team Principal. Senior BCCI official said that the problems of the Punjab team could also increase. 


The BCCI official said, “The Punjab team may be suspended due to the criminal case of possession of the owner. If the situation worsens, it can also be removed. Lodha panel suspended Chennai Superkings for two years because their officials were caught in betting. In this case, we have sent the boss to a drug by the criminal court. If he was a state cricket officer, he would become ineligible to take on himself. ‘



He further said, “This new BCCI also exposes the discriminatory provisions of the Constitution which are harsh for a state association but does not impose any restriction on a franchise officer, even if the IPL performance clearly shows the Indian team compared to Ranji performances More matters for selection. ‘


Even before the controversy


Well, this is not the first legal case of Ness Wadia. Bollywood actress and co-mistress of Kings XI Punjab accused Preity Zinta of exploiting Wadia and giving criminal threat to the Wankhede stadium. An FIR was registered against Wadia at the Marine Drive police station in this regard. Four years later the Bombay High Court had dismissed the FIR.


However, the BCCI executive said that no serious statement has come from BCCI CEO Rahul Johri on this serious issue. The executive questioned, “One day B has gone and in this matter, BCCI CEO has not reacted. Are we waiting for the scene to make a friendship between the BCCI’s image and question the sanctity of the game?

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