Natalie Portman denies having a romantic relationship with Moby ?

Natalie Portman denies having a romantic relationship with Moby ?

Natalie Portman denies having a romantic relationship with Moby ?

Natalie Portman: The actress noted that when she met Moby she was 18 years old after she graduated from high school, so he was a much older man


Natalie Portman went out to give her own version of the details of her bond with the artist Moby after the musician wrote about a supposed engagement that he had with her in his brand new autobiography, Then It Fell Apart.


The singer of “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?”, 53, tells in his book that he had a relationship with the actress when he was 33 and she, 20. Moby describes in detail the encounters he lived with the winner Oscar, after meeting in the backstage of one of his shows in Austin, Texas.


According to the musician, he visited her frequently when she started studying at Harvard, where they spent a lot of time together. “We kissed under trees that were many centuries old … At night, he took me to his room and we lay side by side in his little bed … After he fell asleep, I carefully moved away from his arms”, he recalled, adding That relationship generated anxiety. “For a few weeks I tried to be her boyfriend, but it did not work.” Moby also relates that the actress called him to tell him that he could not continue with him because he had met another person

The actress’ response to that excerpt from the musician’s biography was not long in coming, and it refers to inappropriate behavior by Moby, who was much older than her. “I was surprised by the way he characterized me for the short time he had known me because my memory is that of a much bigger man behaving in a disturbing way when I was just finishing high school,” Portman told Harper’s Bazaar.


“He says he was 20, and I definitely was not 20. I was a teenager, I was just turning 18. There was never a request to check the data, either on his part or on his editorial, it feels deliberate,” he added. “That he uses this story to sell his book disturbs me a lot, there are many mistakes and inventions,” he clarified. “He told me to be friends, and we got together sometimes.”


Far from being called to silence, Moby replied to Portman through his Instagram account, with a picture of them together from the time they met, and confirmed the version of events that narrates in the book. “I’m surprised [what she said] because we really went out, and then we were friends for years, I like Natalie, I respect her intelligence and her activism, but let’s be honest, I can not understand why she turned the truth about our bond. the regret of having left with me, but that does not alter the real facts of our brief romantic history, “concluded the composer of Play.