Lok Sabha election Live updates: PM Modi speaks at BJP’s press conference, confident of public confidence in NDA

Lok Sabha election Live updates PM Modi speaks at BJP's press conference, confident of public confidence in NDA

Lok Sabha election Live updates PM Modi speaks at BJP's press conference, confident of public confidence in NDA

Lok Sabha election: In the BJP’s press conference, PM Narendra Modi said that this will be the first time after a long time when the majority government is going to form government again.

New Delhi: Polling for the last phase of Lok Sabha elections in the country is scheduled to be held on Sunday (May 19th), for which the noise of publicity stopped today (Friday, May 17) at 5 pm. At the same time, in the wake of electoral violence in West Bengal, the publicity was stopped at 10 pm on Thursday night. Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed two rallies in West Bengal’s Dumdum and Mathurpur late in the day, during which he ostensibly on the Chief Minister of the state and Trinamool Congress chief Mamta Banerjee.

Of the 59 seats that are to be cast in the last phase of Lok Sabha elections, 8 of Bihar, 3 in Jharkhand, 8 MPs, 13 from Punjab, 9 from West Bengal, 13 from UP and 4 seats in Himachal Pradesh. Prior to the last phase of elections, there has been a lot of politics in Punjab. Here are reports of political unrest between CM Capt Amarinder Singh and Navjot Singh Sidhu.

  • In the BJP’s press conference, PM Modi said that in the midst of the elections, some big events and some major calamities were faced which is enough to tell, today there is a competent government in the country. 
  • PM Modi said that this will be the first time after a long time when the majority government will come back again.    

  • PM Modi also said that honesty had started on 17th May 2014 in 2014. Today is again 17th May and they thought that the people of the opposition should be reminded
  • Amit Shah said that from January 16, election campaign was started on behalf of the party. The aim of this party was to win the 120 seats which the party was not able to win in 2014.          

  • The most important feature of this election is that PM Narendra Modi has got tremendous love in all parts of the country. The biggest thing is that once again people come to Modi’s government, then Modi is the only one, I am chanting slogans like chowkidar. This is the success of BJP, it is the success of the Modi government. 
  • Amit Shah said that this is the first such election in which inflation and corruption are not issues. This is definitely the success of PM Modi. Shah said that the party tried to touch every thoughts of the people who did not make an issue in earlier governments. The things that came out from the public came out and were included in the BJP’s resolution letter. 
  • There is a press conference in BJP, Delhi, in which PM Modi is also present. BJP President Amit Shah said that the people have been ahead of us. We got more support from what we were hoping. In 2014, this country gave a historic mandate in favor of BJP. An experiment was done on the name of Modi who was successful.                                           

  • Amit Shah said that there was a big question in front of the country in 2014. Today, in front of the people of the country, the Modi government has proved that even after the biggest party, we can go ahead with the other parties.
  • In 2014, there are six states in the country in the government, but now we are running a government in the states of double digit and the success of this is only the success of the Narendra Modi government.
  • In Madhya Pradesh, BJP has suspended its leader Anil Saumitra from the party’s priority. He said that Mahatma Gandhi was the patriot of Pakistan on his social media post, after which this action has been taken against him. They have been asked to respond within 7 days.

On the last day of the Lok Sabha election campaign, Congress President Rahul Gandhi targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Addressing a public meeting in Salon, Himachal Pradesh, Rahul said, “Look, there is so much knowledge in PM, he told the Air Force people that do not panic, clouds will benefit us. The radar will not see the plane in the clouds. Those who understand what they do not listen, are just in their own world. ‘

Congress president also attacked PM Modi about GST, notebooks. He said, “At the time of the cancellation, PM Narendra Modi had closed his cabinet with locks in Race Course Road. The truth is, the SPG also protects me, they told me. ‘

BJP President Amit Shah has rejected them by taking cognizance of the controversial statements of some party leaders including Sadhvi Pragya and Anant Hegde. He said that this is his personal opinion, not of BJP. He also said that these statements are contrary to the dignity and ideology of the party, so the decision to send them to disciplinary committee has been taken, which will report in 10 days.

  • It is worth mentioning here that BJP nominee Pragya Thakur from Bhopal had described Gandhi’s murderer Godse as the greatest patriot. He later apologized after seeing the controversy growing, while the BJP shook off his statement. At the same time, Anant Hegde also tweeted that there was a need to change the attitude towards Godse. Later he removed his tweet. Apart from this, BJP leader Nalin Kadir also commented on Godse and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi owes a lot to the opposition in the last election rally of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. While addressing the rally in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh, he once again believed in NDA’s victory and slogan, ‘Now 300 times, once again Modi government.’ While PM Modi made public his government’s work done to the public, he also said that on Sunday (March 19th), when people go to vote under the last phase of voting, this will be a historic day, because the public has been continuously second to decades Bar will choose a government with full majority. 

ongress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi did a road show in UP’s Mirzapur. During this time, Vilasrao Tripathi, Congress candidate from Mirzapur was also present. During this time, when he hit the PM Narendra Modi very much, he also mentioned the legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan, who was close to Gandhi family. He said, ‘Now you understand that you have made the world’s biggest actor your PM. Better than this, you made Amitabh Bachchan, you had nothing to do for you. ‘ 


Union minister Ramdas Athawale has targeted BSP chief Mayawati over comments about PM Narendra Modi and his wife. He said that Mayawati keeps talking about PM Modi and his wife. She is not married to herself, she does not know what the family is like. If she was married, then she would know how to deal with her husband. We respect Mayawati. They should not give such statements.

  • Although the time has come for the Lok Sabha election results, but the political parties are still engaged in the struggle to form a government. In this order, the Congress has taken a big U-turn. It was said so far that if the UPA comes to the formation of the government after the election, it is possible that the Congress adopts the Karnataka formula and support the government by giving any other party the post of PM. But now senior Congress leader Gulab Nabi Azad has said that it would be wrong to say that Congress is not in the race for PM post.
  • Azad said, “No, it is not true that the Congress will not make a claim or there is no interest in the Congress post of PM. Of course we are the largest and old political party. We have to run the government for five years and the biggest political party should get an opportunity. ‘

Anand Paranjpe, Congress-NCP alliance candidate from Thane in Maharashtra, celebrated his birthday on a purely political style on Thursday (May 16th). The cake that he had cut on his birthday, was written on it, ‘The janitor of the country is a thief.’

  • Regarding the statement of BJP candidate from Bhopal against Nathuram Godse, the election officer of Malwa district has submitted his report to the Madhya Pradesh Election Commission. Pragya Thakur had said on Thursday that ‘Nathuram Godse was patriot, and will continue to be.’

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