Lilly Singh YouTuber will have her own late-night show on NBC

Lilly Singh YouTuber will have her own late-night show on NBC


YouTube star, Indian-Canadian actress and author, Lilly Singh, announced her new project during the show ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’, will feature her own late-night show on NBC.

Singh – who has an estimated 15 million YouTube subscribers and almost 8.5 million on Instagram – is better known by her “artistic” name, IISuperwomanII , and because she is the “mother of unicorns” – since her community is called that same Unicorn Island, which also gives name to its production house that announced in April 2018-.

Now, this YouTuber has announced that it will take over the night space that would be leaving the program ‘Last Call’ by Carson Daly, after its end after 17 years on the air. ‘A Little Late with Lilly Singh’ will air on NBC at 1:35 am, after the Fallon show and ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’, starting in September of this year.

During an interview with Fallon, on Thursday, Singh expressed his emotion and gratitude to be able to announce his great news in a program like that of the comedian and actor, since, as he stated: “Jimmy is one of the most pleasant people in this planet”. Definitely, the arrival of this “unicorn” marks a milestone in history.

The program that will soon reach the television service will become the first late-night show to be hosted by a woman, who will also be the executive producer. Singh also said that the fact that an Indian-Canadian woman has her own night program is “a dream come true”.

To celebrate the news, the veterans of the nightly programming, Fallon and Meyers, raised their glasses to toast the new, and possible success, of the YouTuber.

‘A Little Late with Lilly Singh’

The program will last only 30 minutes, however, for those who know the work of the YouTube star will know that those minutes will be more than enough to express their humor, charisma and personality.

Singh will be available to interview, interpret and perform comedy segments that will undoubtedly turn nightly television into a kind of televised YouTube channel, or so she said.

Excited to be able to create her show from scratch, Singh says she will do an inclusive show and that she will be able to create something she really believes in, so she feels “honest and humble”, according to what she posted on her Twitter account – with around 5.8 million followers.


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