Karnataka crisis updates: Congress retains crisis on Kumaraswamy, Congress demands disqualification of rebel legislators

Karnataka crisis updates: Congress retains crisis on Kumaraswamy, Congress demands disqualification of rebel legislators

Karnataka crisis updates: Congress retains crisis on Kumaraswamy, Congress demands disqualification of rebel legislators

Karnataka Political Crisis: Will HD Kumaraswamy be able to save his government or the story will be something else. If the numbers talk about the force, then their government is facing a minority.


  • In Karnataka, the exercise of saving government is fast
  • According to statistics, HD Kumaraswamy government in minority
  • BJP resigns from HD Kumaraswamy


New Delhi: There is a political crisis in Karnataka. It is different from the fact that Congress and JDS are sure that the BJP’s efforts will fail. Congress and JDS say that BJP is in some way occupied by the power of Karnataka. But BJP leaders say that the Kumaraswamy government is in a minority and should immediately resign. JDS legislator among all, Karnataka is now in place of Kodagu of Karnataka. Simultaneously, Congress and JDS legislators are camping in Mumbai. 

Here, we will tell you if the Kumaraswamy government falls or resigns, will the BJP be able to form it? It is important for the Karnataka Assembly to understand mathematics. There are 224 MLAs presently in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly. It is necessary for any party to have the support of 113 MLAs to stay in government. But after the change of the Congress 10, JDS 3 and two independents, the picture has changed. If you talk about rebel legislators then this number goes to 15. This means that the Congress and JDS have the support of just 104 legislators in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly.


Karnataka political crisis updates


On Tuesday, there was a tremendous ruckus in the Lok Sabha on the political crisis in Karnataka. Congress accused BJP of hunting politics Congress MPs said that attempts are being made to drop the Congress-JDS government by unethically. Congress also boycotted the House over this issue. 


Former Karnataka CM and Congress leader Siddaramaiah said that the resignants come under anti-defection law and should be disqualified. He said that any legislator can resign but he should be voluntary and justified. Speakers are qualified and they will make the right decision. Siddaramaiah said that the rebel MLAs of Congress should be disqualified and given proper punishment so that they can not contest elections for the next 6 years. 

KR Ramesh Kumar, the chairperson of the Karnataka Assembly, says that in the rules it is clear that if the president feels that the resignation is voluntary and logical, then he can take a decision. If it is not so … but they do not know much about it. 

Congress MP BK Hariprasad has given notice to discuss the situation in Karnataka in the Rajya Sabha under rule 267 for discussion on the ground situation in Karnataka. Meanwhile, the Congress Legislature Party’s meeting is continuing in Karnataka.

BJP leader Shobha Karandlaje says that it is true that the Congress-JDS government is in a minority. He has only 103 MLAs support while BJP has 107 MLAs. He feels that the governor should send an invitation to BJP to form the government. 

If the speaker accepts the resignation of 13 MLAs, then the number of members in the Legislative Assembly will be 211 and in order to maintain the government, the Congress and JDS are required to support 106 legislators, which is less than the fixed limit. If BJP speaks of it, he has 105 MLAs in his account and two independent MLAs have also decided to give support, one of them is MLA Nagesh who resigned from the post of minister on Monday and had left for Mumbai. 

Congress rebel legislators are currently staying in Mumbai. It is being told that he was the first to go to Pune and then to Goa. But now he is staying in an unknown place in Mumbai itself.

Opposition leader Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary had said on Monday on the issue of Karnataka in Parliament that BSUP has a government with many 303 MPs in many states but their stomach is not filled. On this statement, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said in the House that the history of his party has not been purchased. In his credentials, he also said that Rahul Gandhi had started his own politics of resignation and had even talked about resigning from senior leaders. 

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