Kabir Singh box office prediction day 1 shahid kapoor film to be the highest solo opener

Kabir Singh box office


Kabir Singh box office prediction day 1: Along with Kabir Singh Critics, the remake of South Indian film Arjun Reddy, the audience is also liked. Shahid Kapoor’s Kadia Advani’s film can earn on the first day, know here-


Kabir Singh, the Hindi remake of South Indian film Arjun Reddy, has reached cinemas on June 21. Critics along with the audience also like this movie. Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor has won the audience’s heart with his superb acting. After a long time, Shahid Kapoor returned to his color. Shahid proved that this character of an eccentric doctor and madfire cannot do better than him. 


Shahid Kapoor is seen in the film Kisan Advani, who had appeared in Varun Dhawan’s stigma sometime ago. Although it is the first such film to have complete footage given to Kira. Though Kira’s dialogues are low in the film, she has played role-playing with her pay and style.


This film is being praised from all sides, so it is expected that the film will earn good on the first day. If film business experts believe that the film can earn up to 15 crores on the first day. If that happens then this film will prove to be Shahid Kapoor’s biggest solo opener. Prior to this, his film magnificent had earned 13.10 crore. It is expected that Kabir Singh could break the record of the spectacular. Trade analyst Sumit Kadel and Rohit Jaiswal have estimated the earnings based on the seats of Kabir Singh. 


Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor’s debut film Kabir Singh had just started discussing when its first look came out. Heavy beer lurk, anger on the face, passion in the eyes and passion to get love on the head. Shahid Kapoor has proved that with some rolls, a certain role can only do the same. Kabir Singh is the Hindi remake of the Telugu film Arjun Reddy. Shahid’s strong acting has been seen in this film. Sandeep Wanga, director of Arjun Reddy, has made Kabir Singh very beautifully. Kabir Singh is a compilation masala movie which has comedy, emotions.

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