John Giorno died at 82: how did the artist die?

John Giorno died

John Giorno died at 82: how did the artist die?

John Giorno died: The world of arts and letters is mourning, this time after knowing the death of John Giorno, the famous American poet and visual artist, who had a prolific career for several decades.

John Giorno died at the age of 82 and immediately the news filled the headlines of the main media of the American Union.

The visual artist was also a recognized activist in the fight against AIDS, and it was the same who was the subject of the 1963 Andy Warhol movie “Sleep”, where he became known with greater popularities.

Sleep was a 1963 American film, where Andy Warhol took recordings of John Giorno, who was his lover at the time. The film captured so many possible moments with such rigor, that there was only room to sleep for five hours and 20 minutes.
The film was one of Warhol’s first experiments in the world of cinema, and was created as an “anti-film”, as revealed by different specialized sites.

After such an experiment, Warhol then made the eight-hour Empire tape.

Giorno’s death was confirmed on October 12 through an Instagram post by his friend Lee Ranaldo.
Giorno had worked as a stockbroker after his graduation from Columbia University, but years later he decided to change course

The artist became involved in the world of the arts in 1962 after a meeting with Andy Warhol. According to a profile of the Poetry Foundation, “the influence of pop art and the Warhol factory are evident in Giorno’s work.”

At the time of his death, Giorno, who died of natural causes, had been exhibiting new works in the Sperone Westwater gallery in New York City, which had the pleasure and praise of his faithful public.

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