Jason Momoa is turned into Momo on Social networks…

Jason Momoa is turned into Momo

Jason Momoa is turned into Momo

Jason Momoa is turned into Momo

Jason Momoa is turned into Momo: Parents around the world are going crazy thanks to the Momo Suicide Challenge, a deception that has resurfaced thanks to local news stations and frightened parents who are spreading the news again. That said, the internet decided to play along with hysteria by creating a new meme that combines Momo and Jason Momoa, which can be seen in the live action film Aquaman by Warner Bros. and DC. The results are quite disturbing.

Momo resurges, the dangerous internet challenge that encourages children and adolescents to commit suicide

The “Momo Suicide Challenge” has returned to the spotlight this week, and has not given anyone a good time. Now, in an attempt to make lemonade with lemons, people started to create the hybrid memes of Momo and Jason Momoa, and it could be more frightening than the original image that circulates.

Apparently, the video has been appearing in the midst of YouTube programming aimed at young people, including the videos of Fortnite and Peppa Pig.

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