Instagram and Facebook are down users report access issues

Instagram and Facebook are down users report access issues

Instagram and Facebook are down users report access issues

Instagram and Facebook are down

Instagram and Facebook are down: Social networks work with difficulties from both websites and their applications.

Facebook and Instagram fell and are registering on the afternoon of Wednesday global connection problems both from its web version and from its applications, as reported by users on other platforms such as Twitter. 


In both cases, connection problems began to be noticed afternoon and had a special impact in the United Kingdom, on the east coast of the United States and in some Latin American countries.


In the case of Instagram, users suffer especially problems when they can not connect from the mobile application, in 32% of cases, followed by the impossibility of uploading photos, which affects 24 percent of the reports, according to the Outage site Report



The disadvantages of Facebook, meanwhile, have a greater impact on access through the web, something that according to Outage Report has an impact on 35% of affected users, while 17% say they can not write publications and 14 % says not being able to register.

WhatsApp also records faults (downdetector)

Users complained on Twitter that they could not access or have limited access to Facebook and Instagram.


Facebook also indicated that the failure was not related to a “DDoS” type cyber attack, as Distributed Denial of Service Attacks are known to overload servers with a high demand for connections.


According to the web site, problems were most noticeable in North America and Europe, but users in other regions also reported the flaw.



The social network, with 2.3 billion active users, reported a notable November failure attributed to a “server problem,” and one in September attributed to “network problems.”


WhatsApp also presents problems, with 81% of complaints related to sending messages. The highest concentration, according to DownDetector, occurs in Buenos Aires, Uruguay, Mexico, and part of Europe.


The company issued a statement on Twitter, stating that “we are aware that  some people are having problems accessing the family of Facebook applications, we are working to solve the problem as soon as possible,” and discards try a DDoS attack                                                                                                                                           

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