Mumbai’s Four Seasons Hotel Charges Rs 1700 For 2 Boiled Eggs reacted on social media

A hotel charged rs 1700 for two boiled eggs people reacted on social media

Mumbai: Four Seasons Hotel Rs 1700 for 2 boiled eggs! People remembered the incident of two bananas bought by Rahul Bose

Four Seasons Hotel : Mumbai Actor Rahul Bose’s banana controversy was not even cold yet, that another such case has come out from Mumbai. The price of two eggs in a five-star hotel in Mumbai has been stated to be Rs 1700. On Twitter, a person named Karthik Dhar shared a photo of the hotel bill. A five-star hotel in Mumbai has charged Rs 1700 for two boiled eggs. Karthik Dhar has posted a photo of the bill on Twitter while charging Rahul Bose for the unexpected price of eggs. On which Karthik Dhar wrote that ‘1700 rupees for two eggs, do Rahul Bose Bhai agitate?

It is fast becoming viral after Karthik posted a photo of the hotel bill on Twitter. On Twitter, people are also strongly criticizing the Five Star Hotel, along with commenting on the food bill in a funny manner.

Let me tell you that a few days ago, Rs 442 was recovered from actor Rahul Bose for two bananas at a five-star hotel in Chandigarh. After which Rahul shared this bill on Twitter. He put a video on Twitter and said that who says fruits are not harmful to you? But you have to believe in seeing this

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