Google Doodle: This great French artist is dedicated to the name of today’s doodle

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Google today dated its doodle French actor and Play river Molière.

The world’s largest search engine Google generally dedicates a special personality to their doodles on their birthday or death anniversary. But today Google Doodle on February 10 is something special and special. Google has dated its doodle French actor and Playriever Molière. His real name was Jean-Baptiste Poulin.

Actually, in the year 1673, Moliere premiered his last play Le Malade Imaginaire on the same day. Remembering this special day, Google has made this a great doodle.

These doodles are made up of 6 slides, including Le Malade Imaginaire drama, as well as a glimpse of some of Moliere’s other famous plays. These include dramas like School for Wives, Don Juan and The Mieger.


Moliere is considered to be one of the few great artists of the 17th century. They usually used to present the evils of society in their satirical ways in their plays. He used to present his plays in a different style, which was quite fond of people. Although Moliere had to face some controversy due to his classical plays.

Moliere was also considered to be the King of French comedy. He has written excellent plays as well as excellent plays in many plays. Moliere also wrote a play titled ‘Tartef’ in which he targeted the religion. Due to this drama, he had to face much controversy.

His play was also discontinued for 5 years, but after five years the ban was withdrawn from the play. Molire was satirical about the medical profession in his last play Le Malade Imaginaire.


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