Freddie Starr dies at age 76: What did the comedian die of?

Freddie Starr dies at age 76

Freddie Starr dies at age 76

Freddie Starr dies at age 76 in Spain. The cause of death of the English comedian was a heart attack, according to several reports from the United Kingdom. The Daily Mirror in the UK was the first to report on Starr’s death on May 9.

Starr was found dead on the floor of his apartment

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Starr photographed before a performance in 1970. (Getty)

The Sun reports that Starr was found dead on the floor of his small one bedroom apartment on the Costa del Sol, in Spain. In 2010, Starr underwent quadruple bypass surgery. A year later, Starr was hospitalized before an appearance on the UK reality show, “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here.” A spokesman for the show said Starr had left the program because he was suffering from a “serious allergic reaction” from an unknown source.

A neighbor says that Starr has been sick since he moved to his home in Spain

Freddie Starr dies at age 76
Freddie Starr dies at age 76


Starr photographed before a show in August 1977.

A Starr’s neighbor told the Mirror: “His caregiver found him dead in his chair around 3:30 p.m. The police arrived first and then an ambulance arrived and they took him away. His neighbor next door, who is a nurse, said he was definitely dead. She said she thinks he may have suffered a heart attack. ” While another neighbor told the newspaper: “He has been quite ill since he moved and has barely left his apartment since he moved a couple of years ago. He just sat inside all day and never received visitors. It is so tragic. “

Starr lost a case against a woman who accused him of sexual abuse

What a talented man … I worked with him many times over the years. We had a lot of laughs together. Freddie will be very surprised. RIP 🙏🏽 “

In 2015, Starr was forced to pay more than $ 1 million in legal fees after being accused of sexual abuse, in which he had allegedly put his hand on a woman’s skirt in 1974. The girl was 14 at the time of the alleged incident. In May 2014, Starr was acquitted of any execution in the case. A year later, Starr lost a defamation case when he tried to sue the woman who made the accusations.

Starr married 4 times during his life


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