Frank Cali: The head of the largest criminal organization in the United States is murdered

Frank Cali

Frank Cali: The head of the largest criminal organization in the United States is murdered

Frank Cali

Frank Cali: In New York, mafia leader Frank Cali received six bullet wounds to the chest that ended his life. He belonged to the criminal group ‘The Gambino’


The condo Hilltop Terrace in New York was the scene where he lost his life, last night, the capo of the mafia Francesco ‘Frank’ Cali, known for leading one of the largest criminal organizations in the history of the United States: The Gambino. 


The crime occurred a few meters from the house where the mafia leader lived with his family. They waited for him inside the house. There were a total of six bullets that he received in his chest and ended his life. 


The shooting, according to El País newspaper, began around 9:30 pm inside the Hilltop Terrace condominium in Staten Island. The bullet impacts were of such magnitude that in the hospital that arrived Frank Cali,  53 years old, only his death was confirmed. 


New York police agents cordoned off the place where Frank Cali was murdered in Hilltop Terrace and it is known that investigations have already begun to find who could be behind this crime. Witnesses said that after the shooting, a pickup truck blue color ran over the head of ‘The Gambino’ , when his body was already lying on the ground. 


Who is Frank Cali?


Francisco ‘Frank’ Cali, also known as Frank Boy, was arrested in 2008 on charges of extortion in the United States. In prison, he served 16 months in prison. The US authorities managed in that period to capture 77 people involved in mafias and criminal organizations of high danger.


It is speculated that four years ago, he took the baton of the criminal organization of La Familia Gambino until he died last night at  Hilltop Terrace in Staten Island


Gambino Family: the largest criminal organization in the history of the United States


‘The Gambino’, belonging to the family with the same name is one of the five organizations that make up Cosa Nostra in NY. This was considered at one time the largest criminal organization in the United States because they are engaged in all types of criminal actions. It was in 1990 that began its decline by the actions taken by the authorities to end the mafia in that country. 


Before one of its leaders was killed, the Gambino Family had more than 300 members and 2,000 members. 

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