Former Jeff Bezos wife gets $ 35 million in Amazon shares

Former Jeff Bezos wife gets $ 35 million in Amazon shares

Former Jeff Bezos wife gets $ 35 million in Amazon shares

Mackenzie Bezos will retain 25% of the share she shared with her husband.

Co-founder of Amazon, she gave up her part in The Washington Post and Blue Origin


Mackenzie Bezos, a former wife of Jeff Bezos , the richest man in the world, will retain after the divorce 25% of the shares the couple owned from Amazon , the company they created together for more than two decades and which is the basis of their fortune . They controlled 16 percent of the electronic retail company’s capital, and now it will have 4 percent for themselves – a volume valued at $ 35 billion, or $ 134.8 billion. The 12 percent that will remain in Jeff Bezos’s hands are worth 107 billion dollars (412 billion reais).

The announcement was made on Twitter by Mackenzie herself after weeks of speculation about the final terms of one of the most succulent divorces for the public, not only as a celebrity gossip, but also for its relevance to one of the world’s largest companies. This Thursday’s announcement creates peace of mind over the company’s control, which remains in the hands of whoever is considered its true guru, and furthermore dispels doubts about a possible destabilizing power struggle.

Bezos, whose maiden name was Mackenzie Tuttle, announced the divorce settlement by the same means she used to report her separation on Feb. 9 after a 25-year marriage. In a message on Twitter, she wrote, “I am grateful to have completed the process of dissolving my marriage with Jeff, for the mutual support and for all those who have kindly contacted us, and desirous of beginning a new phase as parents and friends.”


“I am pleased to give him all my interests in The Washington Post and Blue Origin, and 75% of our shares of Amazon, plus control over my stock votes, to support his contributions to the teams of these incredible companies” , the message continues. “I’m thrilled with my own plans. Grateful for the past while waiting for what comes next. “

Since this year, Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world. The founder of the Amazon has a fortune of $ 131 billion, according to Forbes, or $ 150 billion, according to Bloomberg. The Bezos family owned 16 percent of the property of Amazon before the divorce, a company that made $ 230 billion in 2018 with a net profit of $ 10 billion. Under Washington law, a divorce without settlement could have resulted in a split in half of everything the couple won after marriage, which would have made MacKenzie Bezos the richest woman in the world. Currently, this title belongs to Françoise Bettencourt Meyers, heiress of the L’Oreal empire, which according to Forbes has 49 billion dollars.


Jeff Bezos published his own message on the social network with terms similar to those used by his ex-wife. “Throughout our work, MacKenzie’s capabilities have been clearly seen,” he wrote. “She was a companion, ally and extraordinary mother. She is capable, bright and affectionate, and I know that I will always continue to learn from her in the future. “

The Bezos couple’s divorce was a surprise in early January, followed by a plot that put the world’s richest man in a strange position as a target for gossip. A tabloid owned by a publisher friend of Donald Trump immediately published Bezos private messages later with Lauren Sanchez, a former television presenter with whom he allegedly maintained an extramarital relationship for months before the split.

Bezos commissioned a private investigation into the origin of the messages. The result indicates that it was an operation originating in Saudi Arabia to hack private information from the Bezos telephone. The tycoon hinted that there were political interests behind this, given the enmity of President Trump, who constantly attacks the Post’s cover over him. In passing, Bezos accused the editor of the magazine, David Pecker, of attempting to blackmail him


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