Facebook viral: young man enters the bathroom of his house and finds a poisonous reptile inside the toilet [VIDEO]

facebook viral

facebook viral

On Facebook, a viral video shared by a young man from the United States scared thousands of users, who saw the mysterious reptile in the bathroom.


You will be shocked. Through Facebook, a young resident of the United States shared the viral video that shows a  dangerous creature he found inside his home. The poisonous reptile was installed inside the toilet of the house which caused panic in the family. What did you find? 


The popular Facebook clip was shared on Monday, March 11, thanks to the publication that went viral on social networks, thousands of users from the United States, Mexico and other countries around the world saw the exact moment when the man found a snake. 


“My family was terrified, at home we have a one-year-old baby who luckily did not meet this animal in the house”, were some statements that the author of the viral video of Facebook, who shared in the film.


In the film it is possible to see the young man trying to extract the reptile that was hidden inside the bathroom, the brave father used rescue tweezers to remove the poisonous snake. Before several attempts of the man, the animal left the place. 


According to the comments of the protagonist of the viral video on Facebook, after withdrawing the snake called the specialists so that the reptile is derived to a reserve area or a zoo in the United States, outside of the owner’s house. 


“I hope not to go through the same thing again, my wife and I have committed to be more careful to take better care of our baby,” said the American, who faced his fears to capture the poisonous animal


We share our news gallery with images that were captured of the viral video of Facebook. To see the pictures all you have to do is slide the images to the left. 


Watch the viral video on Facebook here:


Man Finds Something Terrifying Under Toilet 😱😱

Man Finds Something Terrifying Under Toilet 😱😱

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