E. Jean Carroll claims that Donald Trump raped her in the 90s

The famous columnist E. Jean Carroll claims that Donald Trump raped her in the 90s

The famous columnist E. Jean Carroll claims that Donald Trump raped her in the 90s

E. Jean Carroll

E. Jean Carroll: A new and crude accusation of sexual violence has arisen against President Donald Trump, who in addition to his background of open sexist and sexist rhetoric (such as the notorious recordings for the program ‘Access Hollywood’ in which he fears harassment and abuse against women) has been specifically accused by at least twenty people of sexually improper acts that have taken place over several years.

The most recent denunciation against Trump is the one that the journalist E. Jean Carroll, famous for her column of advice  ‘Ask E. Jean’ , published in the magazine Elle for more than 25 years, made via a long article appeared in the magazine New York

The famous columnist E. Jean Carroll claims that Donald Trump raped her in the 90s

The journalist and writer E. Jean Carroll, at a party of Elle magazine, in which he publishes his column ‘Ask E. Jean’. (Getty Images

In that text, entitled  ‘Repulsive men. Donald Trump attacked me in the dressing room of Bergdorf Goodman 23 years ago. But he is not alone in the list of horrible man in my life ‘ , Carroll tells how he stumbled one day, towards 1995 or 1996, with the then real estate mogul Trump in the luxury department store Bergforf Goodman in New York.

The meeting, according to her account, was a coincidence, it started as a joke and ended in a rape.

What is published by New York magazine is an excerpt from Carroll’s new book, entitled ‘What do we want men for? A modest proposal ‘that will be launched in early July and in which she recounts experiences in which she was the victim of harassment and abuse at the hands of several men, Trump one of them, during his life.

In the extract published in the magazine New York, Carroll says he was, about 23 years ago, in the department store Bergdorf Goodman in New York when he suddenly saw Trump enter, who recognized her and called the ‘advice lady’ the councils, alluding to his column in Elle).

– “Come advise me … I have to buy a gift,” he said.

– “Oh …, for whom?” She asked.

– “A girl,” Trump replied.

Carroll tells that between laughs both reviewed possible gifts, bags, hats, without apparently he was convinced in the middle of jokes about her age (52 she told him, he would then have about 50) and other matters.

“Lingerie,” the then tycoon said at one point and they both went to that section of the store.

– “Go and try this,” Trump told Carroll while showing him a gray-lilac ‘bodysuit’ (one-piece underwear).

– “Try it yourself … It’s your color,” she replied.

And they both spent a moment laughing, arguing why one or the other should put on that garment until, suddenly, both headed towards one of the fourth testers. Carroll confesses that at that moment he thought that the matter was going to be of laughter and he imagined that it would make Trump wear that lingerie garment over his pants.

What happened, according to his story, was very different.


As soon as they were both inside the dressing room and with the door closed, he pounced on Carroll and, she says, squeezed her against the wall and began kissing her on the mouth. She recognizes that at times she kept laughing but when his advances were much rougher everything changed. She says that he lowered her pantyhose, touched her private parts, unbuttoned her pants and sexually assaulted her. Carroll says that everything lasted only a few minutes and that he managed to escape the place and flee the store.

He never reported it to the police although he did tell two friends. One told her that she had been the victim of a rape and that she should report it; another that he did not tell anyone because he had “200 lawyers” who would “bury her”. And although Carroll adds that he has no visual evidence that Trump had raped her in that store and there was apparently no personal from that store at the time she says the events took place, she says that happened and recognizes that He spoke earlier about it because of cowardice.

Carroll, born in 1943, was in her youth beauty queen (Miss Indiana University) and Miss Cheerleader USA champion, both titles achieved in 1964. Later on she became a journalist, has participated in various television programs throughout years and has written for numerous magazines, including Esquire, Outside, Playboy and Rolling Stones, with texts sometimes provocative and often dedicated to exploring the complex relationships between men and women and what the female sex has, support or wishes about. His column in Elle, in response to a personal question, is published since 1993.

The famous columnist E. Jean Carroll claims that Donald Trump raped her in the 90s
E. Jean Carroll launches his new book entitled ‘What do we want men for? A modest proposal ‘, in which she recounts, among other incidents, the sexual assault that, she claims, she suffered from Donald Trump in the 1990s. (Getty Images)

Carroll has had, as she herself has reported, a busy, active and sometimes resounding life. With her denunciation of what she says, Trump did not pretend to be pure baths but simply tell what she lived and shed light on the behavior and actions she faced on behalf of the then magnate and now president.

In this regard, a White House statement affirms that Carroll’s story about Trump “is a completely false and unreal story that arose 25 years after it supposedly happened and created simply to make the president look bad”.

The reader will judge, but given the history of Trump in this regard, the election time that rages and the number of complaints linked to improper sexual behavior that have been formulated against the president today, it is foreseeable that the subject of his alleged abuses regains notoriety again. Trump has denied all the accusations and although some ended in lawsuits none has become a judicial sentence against him, either because they were withdrawn or resolved outside the court.

Carroll says he waited almost a quarter of a century to speak out of fear of public humiliation and the pressures that all this would cause him. But he has done so via his new book (and not only against Trump but against other characters, including former CBS president Les Moonves, who has also denied the matter).

From the Trump environment, the accusations that Carroll formulates have been denied. But the public and media gale on the matter, apparently, is just beginning.

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