Drone attack, fire on Saudi Arabian oil company Aramco plant

Drone attack

Drone Attack

Drone attack: Two plants of the world’s largest oil company in Saudi Arabia were attacked by drones in the early hours of Saturday, triggering a fierce fire at the world’s oil supply hub. No one has claimed responsibility for the attacks at Abqac and Khurais oil plant. However, Yemen’s Houthi rebels continue to attack drones in Saudi Arabia.

It is not yet clear whether anyone was injured in the attacks, nor has any effect on oil production been detected. The attack is expected to increase tensions between the US and Iran over a nuclear deal with world power.


The filming online video in Aback shows the sound of bullets from behind and flames rising from the plant. The official Saudi press agency quoted a statement from the Interior Ministry that the fire broke out after being targeted by the drone. He told that the investigation of the attack is going on.


Saudi Aramco is the national petroleum and natural gas company of Saudi Arabia. It is the largest crude oil company in the world in terms of revenue. Earlier, a Saudi satellite news channel reported an explosion and fire at the Saudi Aramco Center in the eastern part of the country. Dubai-based broadcaster Al-Arabiya reported a fire in the Bukayak near Dammam in the Eastern Province early Saturday.


Significantly, Aramco has been targeted by terrorists. Al-Qaeda suicide bombers tried to attack the oil company in February 2006 but failed. Although no group has claimed responsibility for the attacks yet, Yemen is suspected of attacking the Houthi rebels.

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