CEO of CryptoCurrency firm dies in India, millions of people stranded, who will now tell password

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After the unexpected death of the founder of one of Canada’s largest crypto taxis (symbolic currency) exchanges, this exchange has been protected under bankrupt law.

After the unexpected death of the founder of Canada’s one of the largest crypto taxis (symbolic currency) exchanges in Canada, this exchange has been protected under bankruptcy law. After the sudden death of the founder, nearly 14.50 million dollars of thousands of consumers are trapped. The accounts of the Exchange accounts were known only to the founder.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Quadriga said that due to the death of a chief executive officer and co-founder Gerald Quetan in December, he was unable to sell the $ 14.5 million bitcoins and other digital assets. Koten was working as a volunteer for an orphanage in India. During this time, Cron died suddenly due to illness.

The company said that most of the currencies placed near Quadriga were kept offline in Cold Wallet accounts. It was done to rescue the hackers. Access to these accounts was only with the quota. According to CNN news, the sudden death of Quetan caused a crisis of return to more than one lakh consumers in front of the exchange.


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