Case against Paul Manafort: the former Donald Trump campaign chief sentenced to 43 months in prison

Case against Paul Manafort: the former Donald Trump campaign chief sentenced to 43 months in prison

Case against Paul Manafort: the former Donald Trump campaign chief sentenced to 43 months in prison/Copyright of the REUTERS image

Case against Paul Manafort

Case against Paul Manafort: The former Donald Trump campaign chief, Paul Manafort, was sentenced on Wednesday to 43 months in prison (about 3 and a half years) on charges stemming from the so-called “Russian plot”.

The sentence handed down by a district judge in Washington DC comes just a week after Manafort, 69, was sentenced in Virginia to 47 months in prison for fraud in a separate case.

That means that Manafort received a total jail sentence of 7 and a half years.

  • Paul Manafort, former campaign manager of Donald Trump, is sentenced to four years in prison for fraud
  • The former Trump campaign boss Paul Manafort is found guilty of tax fraud

This latest decision of the US Justice comes on two charges of conspiracy that Manafort pleaded guilty to last year.

This Wednesday before the court of Washington DC that condemned him, Manafort assured sitting in a wheelchair that he wanted to apologize for his actions.

” I feel what I have done and all the actions that have brought us here today,” he said.

Trump and his daughter Ivanka, and Manafort in a republican congress in 2016.Copyright of the REUTERS image
Image captionManafort was Trump’s campaign manager between May and August 2016.

The trial against Manafort is the product of the “Russian plot”, the investigation led by special prosecutor Robert Mueller on the alleged involvement of Russia in the US presidential election in 2016, won by Trump.

However, the two convictions against Manafort are not related to the activities he carried out within the Trump campaign or the allegations of collusion with Russia.

Trump has always denied collusion with Russia and considers Mueller’s investigation a “witch hunt.”

Despite the condemnation of this Wednesday, Manafort will still have to respond to a new case of justice.

Shortly after the last sentence against him was heard, the New York Public Prosecutor’s Office accused the former Trump campaign chief of mortgage fraud and other crimes.

President Trump has the power to pardon his former campaign chief for federal crimes, but not for the charges filed in New York.

“He is not a victim”

The jail sentence to Manafort is the biggest since the investigation into the “Russian plot” began.

“This case has taken everything from me: my property, my money, my life insurance, my fiduciary accounts for my children and grandchildren and much more,” Manafort said before Judge Jackson on Wednesday.

Before announcing the conviction, the judge considered that the “accused is not public enemy number one, but neither is a victim.”

Manafort pleaded guilty last September to two counts: conspiracy against the United States and conspiracy to obstruct justice.

He also agreed to cooperate with Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller in his investigation as part of an agreement for a possible reduction of the sentence.

However, only two months later, that agreement collapsed, according to the investigators, who assured that Manafort repeatedly lied to the government.

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