Black hole photo will be released for the first time

Black hole photo will be released for the first time

Black hole photo will be released for the first time

Black hole photo: Our universe is very big, in our universe, galaxies, meteorites, stars are formed and end. Apart from these, there is another thing in our universe that its name is Black Hole.


Black hole is a celestial body with its gravitational force too much. Black hole swallows all the things coming in its gravitational circle. That is, it absorbs it inside it.


Even the light can not escape its pull. The black hole absorbs the light falling on its surface but does not reflect. It is said that if a person comes in the gravitational circle of black hole, then he is absorbed by wrapping it around him.


Anything that goes in the black hole does not come back, hence it is called a black hole.


For a long time, scientists from around the world are engaged in solving the puzzle of black holes. Soon after the hard work of the years, the world can see the first close-up pictures of the black hole.


Scientists have created an ‘Event Horizon Telescope’ to take a picture of a black hole.


The scientists will organize a program on Wednesday, April 10 and announce the first results of the ‘Event Horizon Telescope’ about their research. ‘Event Horizon Telescope’ is mainly designed to take pictures.


Astronomers and black hole expert Paul McCann are said about this, ’50 years ago, they are seeing that a very bright object appears in the middle of our galaxy.


They said that there is so much gravitational power in the black hole that it takes 20 years for the stars to take one round of it and the sky Ganga takes 23 million years.

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