Bhul Bhulaiyaa 2 first look poster out revealed Kartik Aaryan play Akshay Kumar role

Bhul Bhulaiyaa 2

Supernatural thriller Bhul Bhulaiyaa 2 was released in the movie 3 years ago. The first look of the sequel to Akshay Kumar-Vidya Balan’s movie is now released. This year Kartik Aaryan will be seen in the second part of the movie

Mumbai: The Malayalam cinema, which was released in the year 1949, is a remake of Bhoomi Bholayiya movie starring Akshay Kumar-Vidya Balan. The movie soon gained fame. A much deeper subject was dealt with in a comedy method. The Monjolica role of Vidya and the cinema made four moons. For the past several days, the talk of a sequel to this movie was ringing. Finally, the first poster of this second part has been released. This year, in this sequel, namely, Bhul Bhulaya 2, Akshay will be seen in place of actor Youth Crush actor Karthik Aryan.

Two posters of Karthik Aryan’s movie look have been visited and in both of those posters Kartik Akshay’s look appears to be recreating. Akshay’s poses, as well as dresses, have been revealing Karthik’s look in cinema. Also, the poster has been written in bold letter, ‘After 5 years … The haunting comedy returns …’ Another poster of the movie has been released in which Karthik Bhaiyak is seen sleeping with bone on his skull. Both posters are currently catching up on social media. A motion poster for the movie has also been visited.

Bhul Bhulaiyaa 2 video

In the first part of the movie, Akshay’s role had gained a lot of praise. The role of Vidya was also greatly appreciated. As well as all the other characters in the movie, the actors were amazing. The story of the movie, its climax and the mystery of Monjolica were all well-drawn. Can that maximum be done now? It is now getting everyone’s attention. Apart from this, it is still unclear which actress will be cast in Kartik’s opposition in the movie. The names of Janhvi Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan and Ananya Pandey are among the new generation of Bollywood new generation Karthik. Also, where the first part ends, the second part begins.

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