Attack on minorities in pakistan hindu girl found dead in hostel room

hindu girl found dead

hindu girl found dead

Hindu girl found dead: Karachi, Agency.  A more recent picture of how the minorities are treated in Pakistan has emerged. A Hindu girl from Ghotki area of ​​Sindh province of Pakistan was found dead in the hostel of Asifa Medical Dental College in Larkana on Monday. It is believed that the girl was strangled to death with a rope. The college administration is denying it and calling it a suicide.

The matter came to light after fierce sabotage in a temple by fundamentalists in Ghotki. The controversy began with false accusations of blasphemy against a Hindu teacher in a high school. The radicals attacked the school and the temple and vandalized it.


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An attempt to
crack the case, according to the information, Namrata Chandani, a final year student of BDS, was found dead in her room on Monday. her body was lying on a bed tied with a rope. The college administration is trying to call it a suicide, but the evidence is pointing in another direction.

Namrita Chandani
People on the streets after the murder of Hindu girl Namrita Chandani in Pakistan, demanded justice from Imran Khan

Struggled to
save her life, there was evidence from the scene that it appears that he fought hard to save her life. Not only this, her phone also went missing, which was later recovered by the police. Now questions are arising that if the girl committed suicide then why did her body lie on the bed instead of hanging from the rope, as is usually the case with hanging suicide.

Demand for an unbiased investigation into the case,
a video related to the incident has surfaced, in which Namrita’s brother, Dr. Vishal was seen saying that he had rope marks on her neck. It has said that there should be a fair investigation into the matter and citizens should support their families.

Constant Atrocities on Minorities In the
last few weeks, there have been many cases of persistent atrocities on minorities and forced conversions in Pakistan. Earlier this month, a Sikh girl was kidnapped and forced to marry a Muslim man and was then sent back to her parents. Similarly, a 15-year-old Christian student was forcibly converted to Islam and a BBA Hindu student was taken to a PTI activist’s house and forced to marry a Muslim. Explain that there is no law prohibiting forced conversion in Pakistan.


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