A teacher is inspired by ‘Black Mirror’ to revolutionize the way to examine their students

A teacher is inspired by 'Black Mirror' to revolutionize the way to examine their students

A teacher is inspired by 'Black Mirror' to revolutionize the way to examine their students

A professor at the University of Granada has designed an exam inspired by ‘ Black Mirror: Bandersnatch ‘. José Luis Gómez Urquiza, professor of the Degree of Nursing of the UGR, has used this technique to enhance the decision-making of his students, with exams that have different endings. In this case, the decisions made by the students throughout the test are those that mark the evolution of the test.

As Aula Magna reports, Gómez Urquiza emphasizes that “one of the basic competencies that are usually included in the teaching guides of healthy subjects is decision-making, because one decision or another will mark the clinical act and the future of a patient. ” Therefore, according to the teacher’s words, this type of exam seeks to improve the ability to make decisions of their students.

Real clinical situations

The protagonist of this news is a pioneer in the universities of our country in launching this type of exam. An original way to test the decision-making capacity of students who are examined in the Nursing Degree. In the test appear real clinical situations of patients, so that students know which to choose between. In this way, the immersion of the students in the test is promoted, giving it greater narrative weight.

The Netflix film ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ was the inspiration of this university professor who has applied the same dynamics of the successful series to his tests. “The first decision of the test makes them choose between a patient who arrives with respiratory problems and another with heart problems and each choice will take them a different path,” added the teacher.

The students of the University of Granada can practice watching the special episode on Netflix, or they can even acquire new ideas and knowledge with the three episode premieres that the platform has launched this June 5. ‘ Black Mirror ‘ has returned with these new stories, although none of them follow the mechanics of ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’, in which the viewer takes control of the situation.


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