A person who went on a business trip died during sex, the company will have to pay compensation

Died During Sex

Died During Sex

Died During Sex

Died during sex: Xavier went on a business trip in 2013 and during this, he stayed in a hotel. He was having a physical relationship with a girl after work and later died.

New Delhi: During a business trip of the company, a person was found to have a physical relationship with an unknown girl and she died. After this, the debate grew on the other side that if the employee died during work, then who is responsible for it. The case reached the court and in the end, the court considered it as a Workplace Accident and ordered the company to provide compensation to the relatives of the deceased.

The incident is from France. The man named Xavier was an engineer at TSO, a rail engineering company, and in 2013 he traveled to the Lloret area in central France with the company’s work. One night before stopping at the hotel, he went to a woman’s house and formed a physical relationship with the woman. He later died of a heart attack. Later, the case reached the court regarding insurance and after 6 years, the court termed the death of the engineer as a ‘workplace accident’. 

The company argued in court that the sexual activity (sex) of the deceased Xavier was not part of the work as he had not moved to the hotel after work and the company was not responsible for it. 

At the same time, the lawyer appearing on behalf of Xavier said that it is normal to have sex and he made several arguments in the court in favor of it. The lawyer said that sex is a part as we eat food or do other daily tasks. In the end, the court ruled in favor of Xavier and said that Xavier had been a casualty at work so his family should get compensation from the company.

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